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We offer services of the highest quality, highly innovative and with excellent scientific performance. We ensure the utmost attention to the patient with personalized treatments for every therapeutic need and dedicated management for well-being before, during and after clinical interventions. We develop new methodologies and clinical approaches able to reduce treatment times, improve aesthetic and functional results and eliminate pain-related discomfort.

" seriousness and professionalism" are our promise of service.

The staff

The success of dental and orthodontic treatment depends on the relationship of trust that is established and consolidated over time between the patient and the dentist.
In this context, the role of all the medical and paramedical staff of the practice is essential to ensure that the patient feels followed and accompanied in every phase of therapy. The competence and professionalism of the staff are fundamental requisites to operate in full compliance with established and tested therapeutic protocols, which allow to constantly ensure high quality standards of the services provided. Therefore, the updating of doctors and staff, as part of their scientific and relational skills, is at the center of our commitment through participation in conferences, courses, study seminars and contacts with Italian and foreign universities.
The competence of doctors is also proven by the didactic activities carried out and by the numerous scientific publications.

The therapeutic approach

It is important for us to listen to the patient, understand his needs, identify the most appropriate solutions, illustrate the therapeutic path and follow it day by day through a series of scheduled visits and the constant sharing of results.

The arrival

We guarantee maximum assistance from the first moment because we want the patient to feel at ease and acquire the utmost awareness of each phase of the therapeutic process: we help the patient in compiling the documents required for carrying out the service.

The visit

We analyze the oral cavity and cranio-mandibular development and explore the patient's previous experiences that may affect the current situation We study the patient's needs and expectations We develop a treatment plan that we propose to the patient We agree on how to verify constantly developing therapy over time.

Our strengths

  • Advanced digital technologies for the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients
  • Personalized services based on the needs and preferences of each patient
  • Spaces and rooms designed for maximum comfort for patients and professionals
  • Latest generation tools for the sterilization of environments and equipment



Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the internal tissues of the tooth

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Dental Aesthetics

The aesthetics of the teeth is a crucial factor for the psycho-physical well-being of the patient.

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