About us


We offer the highest quality treatments with the use of the latest technology and evidence based scientific procedures. We strive to achieve the best care for our patients tailoring the treatment plans to the patient’s clinical needs and ensuring a comfortable dental experience before, during and after the dental treatments. We keep developing new methods and clinical protocols to reduce the length of the treatments, improving the functional and aesthetic results and reduce any source of discomfort.

"Commitment and professionalism" are our promised treatment goals.

The people

The success of a dental or orthodontic treatment is based on the long-term relationship and trust between the patient and the practice.
In this contest, the role of all the medical and paramedical team is key to ensure the patient feels being looked after throughout all the steps of the treatment. The competence and the professionalism of the team are invaluable requirements to work following tested and successful protocols, ensuring consistently high standard of dental procedures.
The constant professional and personal training of the entire dental team is our priority and so congresses, courses, seminars, study clubs, programmes run at Universities in Italy and abroad take part of our normal activity.
The competence of our doctors is confirmed by the training activities run and the several scientific articles published.

Therapeutic approach

Our idea of care starts from listening to the patient and understanding his needs and worries, finding the most adequate solutions, presenting the therapeutic plan and following the patient step by step along the treatment journey sharing with him at all time the results.


We guarantee the best support since the first contact with the Clinic because we want the patent to feel comfortable and safe and to be aware in advance of every step of the treatment, i.e. we help the patient to fill the relevant paperwork before the start of the first visit.

The examination

We analyse the oral cavity and the cranio-mandibular development and we explore the past history and experience which may influence the current situation, we study patient’s needs and expectations and we create a tailored treatment plan which we present and then constantly review with the patient.

Our strenghts

Advanced digital technology applied to the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of the patients

Personalised services based on the needs and preferences of each patient

Areas and spaces planned to achieve the maximum comfort of patients and professionals

Last generation of instruments for the sterilization of spaces and equipment